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Welcome to my site. If you have any issues while shopping please advise me by email.

The lures shown in the pictures are examples of what is available. I also offer different color options as I have pearlescent, fluorescent and opaque colors.

I also offer custom logos or names at an additional cost. If you contact me by email we can discuss this further.

When you catch a fish with one of the lures I would really appreciate a picture of you and your fish with the lure or a testimonial. I will feature it on the website.


A collection of crank baits. I painted them in all different color combinations with different color accents. If you would like a specific color combination I have a wide range of Createx paints in Pearlescent, Opaque and fluorescent colors. If it is a new color and pattern it will take a couple of days to process.


Surface popper has has holes by the gills for chugging sound open mouth.


About Us

Rick Jalbert

Canoe and Kayak fisherman

One of my favorite past times when I was a child was fishing with my parents. The excitement of never knowing for sure what you will catch. As I got older I loved the science of fishing. Learning how to read weather, water color, vegetation, structure. I recently retired so I started making fishing lures. Friends and fellow fisher persons have been requesting to be able to purchase my creations so that is why I started this online endeavor.

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